Allah Aint In The House

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Does the Jew Return?

Is the Jew back? Or is this just some kind of Serbian-Jew doubletalk? The True God of the Blogosphere, Me, orders you to begin blogging again imposter. Don't make Me go all Hamas on your ass!

Friday, May 28, 2004

My Handiwork in the Sudan

Oho, in your long absence JEW I have been busy doing that which needs to be done! But this kufr and his shahid have other plans for my divine intervention, do they?? Have you forgotten just what deity really controls things down there? Oho, and you think my loyal lap-dog Kofi Annan will really do something to stop my work from progressing? Wishful thinking!!

Oho, so you wish to help stop my dreams from coming true in the Sudan, eh Jew? Ok, then be the Lord of the Universe's guest. Go HERE. Sign the Jew's Petition! But be warned, no virgins for you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Start Blogging Again Kufr...

Or I shoot the Shahid!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

5,208,500?!?!?!! Not Even Close, #%$@@%$ JEW!

This kufr thinks he can count all the bodies sent to hell by My loyal shahid this century? Yes, you Jews can count with the best of them, but keep dreaming if you think you can keep up with Me! Jew.

All Your Web-Addresses Are Belongs To Us, JEW!

Greeting Shahids!

Yours Truly, Lord God of Moons, has been lurking around the blogosphere for awhile. I have been so amused by this foul kufr pretending to be me. So, when he decided to take an extended vacation I figured it was time to create my own blog before the Jews took this web address and sold in on e-Bay.

I have been so despondent since the Jew who pretends to be Me left the blogosphere. Usually I check his site at least four or five times a day. Since his absence I have been surfing around and the Creator of the Worlds finds that the only other thing out there are stock quotes and porn. Since only a Jew kufr would ever participate in usery, I have spent eternities on adult sites and let me tell you there's serious chafing going on in yonder heavens!! Start blogging again Jew or I will lay a fatwa on your kufr ass!

Ok, I also have been checking my e-mail obsessively but the Jew-built spambots seem to think He Who Gave Life to All the Cosmos is lacking in the downstairs department. Let me clarify this once and for all--the equipment is for My pleasure, not yours! Why do you think I instituted female circumcision biyatch? Do you think I care about "pleasing you" and all that Jew shit?

So, when this Allah kufr returns I shall stop this divine blog. But until then I had better keep busy so I don't go blind.